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Privileged to have been asked to graphic record the ACTIAC Executive Leadership Conference (2016) along with Caryn Ginsberg (@CarynGinsberg) and Joe Azar (@JoeAzar4).  Honored to be working along side such talented professionals!

Here are the day’s session details / descriptions: .

I captured the Transformational Leadership track, 3 sessions, 50 minutes, back to back to back – Round 1 (Enable the Citizen):


Round 2:  Embrace the Edge


Round 3:  Unleash the Intrapreneur



Tied up my 3 captures, and then it was off to the lunch debate in the plenary room.






So the three of us were somehow able to capture this Experience vs. Edgy debate, in front of the 800 or so attendees (all C-level Gov’t employees as well as IT industry reps).


Wonderful experience.  Can’t wait for the next one!




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