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Join my Graphic Facilitation Meetup on 9/26/16 !!

Would love to see my MSOD, OD, viz and non-viz peeps join me at this Meetup I am co-presenting with@stephscribes !!

Graphic Facilitation: A Natural Extension of Your OD Practice

  • Monday, September 26, 2016

    6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

    Cobec Consulting, Inc.

    600 Maryland Ave SW STE 500E, Washington, DC (edit map)

  • Use the 7th & Maryland Ave metro exit. Walk through the building to the bank of elevators by Wells Fargo.
  • Price: $15.00 /per person
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#NLI Webinar on #performancemanagement #sketchnotes

A few sketch notes from a Neuroleadership Institute webinar last week which show cased how GAP inc. transformed their old performance management program into a simple, agile, goal-based approach, focused on a Growth Mindset, minimizing Threat Responses, facilitating Insights for their employees … take away Performance Reviews and replace with Touch Base Chats (no documentation, strictly verbal) … come up with one, simple and concise Performance Standard (no more than what fits on a T-Shirt) for all employees to embody … de-link rewards from performance … and whamo:  you get an entire organization on the same page with regards to what they are trying to achieve (their goals), how to achieve it (the Performance Statement), supported by constructive, supporting, non-threatening performance-focused conversations (minimum of 12 Touch Base Chats throughout the year).

I like where this conversation about revamping performance management programs is going. 🙂