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Hot Topics: OD Practitioner’s Community of Practice #CBODN

I will be attending both of these … hope to see you there!

May 5 – The Five (Simple) Practices of Exemplary Leadership

June 2 – Doing the OD Tango: Supporting Sustainable Change in Healthcare Using Multiple Roles and Strategies


May 5 – The Five (Simple) Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Facilitators:  Cathy Raines and Jing Burgi-Tian

The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner is 25 years old. The book has sold millions of copies, generated hundreds of research projects, and has been translated into many languages.

In this session, we’ll explore the five practices that the book and research describes:

– Model the Way

– Inspire a Shared Vision

– Challenge the Process

– Enable Others to Act

– Encourage the Heart

The model considers leaders to be anyone rather than leadership as a position, though it recognizes the responsibilities that positional leaders hold. It includes a customized 360 called The Leadership Practices Inventory.

The session will be designed for everyone to participate. For those with experience with the model, please plan to add your experience and wisdom.


Cathy Raines has worked in organizational and individual development for more than 20 years.  Most of her work has been as an internal staff person and leader.  She worked at National Public Radio for many years as well as the Associated Press, Radio Free Europe in Prague, and the US Fund for UNICEF.  She currently works at the US Department of State teaching leadership and management, and providing coaching. Cathy has recently been certified as a facilitator of The Leadership Challenge.

Jing Burgi-Tian is the Program Director of International Programs and Certified Public Manager Programs at The George Washington University, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. Her current work at the Center includes managing two intensive leadership development programs accredited as Certified Public Managers® Programs: Program for Excellence in Municipal Management (PEMM) and the Regional Executive Development Program (REDP).



June 2 – Doing the OD Tango: Supporting Sustainable Change in Healthcare Using Multiple Roles and Strategies

Facilitator:  Kevin Nourse

As OD professionals, we often face the challenge of supporting organizational change efforts. To support successful change efforts, it is often critical to intervene at multiple levels including individual leaders, leadership teams, and the larger organizational context. Helping senior leadership teams become more effective and aligned can pay huge dividends in the overall success of a change initiative. Organizational change initiatives are often laden with unanticipated surprises calling forth a need for OD professionals to be nimble in wearing multiple hats to support our clients.

In this session, Dr. Kevin Nourse will share a case study of a leadership team in a large healthcare institution he is currently working with as a team coach, team facilitator, team builder, trainer, executive coach, and team diagnostician. The session will be interactive and provide many opportunities for dialogue and discussion.

Participants will achieve the following outcomes:

– Distinctions between team coaching, team building, and team facilitation.

– Strategies for building trust and alignment.

– Insights on a using a team functioning assessment and conflict styles indicator.

– Understanding of how to conduct a team coaching engagement


Dr. Nourse is a research-based executive coach and OD consultant with over 20 years of executive coaching, facilitation, and leadership development experience. He focuses his practice on growing resilient change leaders at all levels. In addition to his coaching practice, Kevin also coaches leadership teams and facilitates comprehensive leadership development programs. Kevin completed his PhD in 2009 from Fielding Graduate University and conducted research on leadership resilience under the guidance of his beloved committee chairperson, Dr. Charlie Seashore. His practice is based in Washington, DC and Palm Springs, CA.


To register for sessions go to


After you have registered, if you are unable to attend, please let me know ASAP.  Also, if for whatever reason you’d like to be taken off the CoP e-mail list, I’ll be happy to do that.


A $5.00 per person contribution is requested to help pay for rental of the room.


Feel free to send this e-mail on to others you believe may be interested in attending a session.


And last, if you’d like to present at a CoP meeting and/or if you know of others who might be interested, please let me know.  It could be a case study, the business of OD, OD theory, or other topics.  I welcome creative ideas.







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